This is a story about the most controversial football club in Israel, Beitar Jerusalem F.C., a symbol of the right-wing politics. Situated in the city of three religions, it’s a Jewish team in a Jewish state, with the country’s largest fan base and the only club in the Premier League never to have signed an Arab player. At the start of the 2012 football season, Beitar Jerusalem is top of the Premier League and aiming for a spotlight in European football. Then comes the unimaginable: the controversial transfer decision and two young Muslim players arrive from Chechnya. Everything changes, a new path is created, and it makes all the players’ fears float to the surface forcing them to confront their own belief system and identity. One season in the life of this team, is a story of Israeli society, personal identity, politics and money. It was to be one of the most dramatic seasons in and outside the locker room, where religion played out against the Holy Grail that is football.